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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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                   THURSDAY, APRIL 24, 2014



I Thessalonians 5:17. Pray without ceasing.

Thought for the Day: Prayer Is Not An Event It Is Lifestyle

Reflection for the Day: Always Be God Conscious

Pray without ceasing; three words, one verse of scripture, one that provides direction to what our lives should look like. Though one may not be in what appears to be a prayer position, one must always be God conscious seeking to hear and respond properly to the voice of God.  Prayer is a lifestyle not an event.

Your journey through life should never be without the assistance of the Lord.  Develop a lifestyle that keeps you constantly in touch with Him. Your thoughts, your words, your actions should always be aided by the Lord. As you travel through life do so with a God conscious spirit.  He will lead you into a path of victory and peace.









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